How can you protect your pet and home? - Check credentials

Dog “high giving” human.

Allowing someone to enter your home and care for your pet requires an incredible amount of trust.

Our pets and our homes are our most private, loved and valued assets.

How can you be sure the person you've hired is the best fit? Here are some tips to help you decide who is right for the job! 

Are they licensed to do business?

Jolly Paws Pet Care Llc is licensed to do business in the state of Tennessee as a pet care service provider. 

You may come across a number of pet lovers posting advertisements offering to watch your pet online or in your community. But are they actually licensed to do business? Chances are, they aren't. 

Do they have business insurance & bonding?

Jolly Paws Pet Care Llc and all of our sitters are fully bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates. This provides the best protection for you, your home, your pet and our sitters during our services.

Many "hobby sitters" do not carry coverage or have very limited coverage under a listing service provider.

Ask clients to complete a service contract?

Handshakes, promises and brief notes are not enough.

Jolly Paws Pet Care Llc requires all clients to review our service contract and sign online before beginning services. Our service contract can be found in our online portal. New client's receive unique access to login to their very own profile. We use pet sitting software to maintain your pets care plan, details can be updated in real time.

Are they pet care trained or animal/cpr first aid certified?

Many love pets, but have not pursued education or certifications related to pet care.

At Jolly Paws Pet Care Llc, we all have one thing in common, professional pet care experience, including vet tech, and boarding facility backgrounds. We maintain current animal first aid certification through the American Red Cross and seek additional opportunities to further our knowledge. We are active members of Pet Sitters Associates and receive access to newsletters, articles, tips and resources to improve pet care services to our clients, both with and without tails!

Do they offer pet sitting or dog walking as a primary business?

Jolly Paws Pet Care Llc is a reputable and reliable pet sitting service provider. We are loved and trusted by many in Nashville, TN. Our services are offered 24/7 365 days of the year.

Many "Hobby Sitters" offer pet care as a side gig, or a way to earn extra money for various reasons - last minute cancellation rates are high, especially around the Holidays! Imagine your flight is scheduled, your bags are packed and your unlicensed hobby sitter cancels on you last minute, or worse never shows up to the handshaked agreed upon services! This sounds like something from a nightmare, but unfortunately, happens far too often. 

When you are hiring a pet sitter to enter your home and care for your beloved pet, be sure to hire the best, a professional, Jolly Paws Pet Care Llc. Licensed, bonded and insured professional pet sitting service provider for Nashville, TN.