Potty Breaks & Dog Walking

Weekly - Midday Potty Breaks - $15

Midday potty breaks are regularly scheduled, reoccurring weekly. between 10am and 3pm.

Midday Potty Breaks - $18

  Midday potty breaks to keep your pup happy, relieved and a chance to really stretch their legs out - working out some of that built up energy while you are away. Midday breaks start at 15 minutes 

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting - $16

Fresh water, food refills, soft food/treats, clean litter box, play time, purr time and lots of love and cuddles for your fur friend!

Deluxe Cat Sitting - $25

Pamper your pet with an hour of personal care. This visit includes fresh water, food refill, clean litter box, laser light, loving, brushing and anything else they desire for comfort while you are away.

Small Critter Care

Small Critter Care - $15

Quality care for your fish, bird, snake, gerbil or other small critter. 

$2 per additional critter

As an add on to dog or cat care - $2 per critter

Jolly Paws is happy to be your pet sitter, dog walker, cat sitter in the Antioch, Cane Ridge, Brentwood, Nashville , TN and surrounding areas!

More Services

Overnight Pet Sitting for Dogs

Overnight care for dogs starts at $60. This visit is a minimum of 12 hours long, it includes their Dinner and an evening walk, lots of playtime and snuggles before tucking in, followed by Breakfast and their Morning Walk.

Overnight Pet Sitting for Cats

Overnight care for cats starts at $50. No charge per additional cat or litter boxes, up to 4 cats. This visit is a minimum of 12 personable hours mimicking your routine, so they will never feel like they are alone while you are gone. Toys and lots of cuddles are also provided during the visit.

Pet Taxi

Call for more information and to discuss route needed. Taxi services start at $25 per round trip.