Dog Sitting


Our Vacation care visits can vary from 20 - 60 minute visits of your choice. Dogs typically receive 2-3 visits per day. Visits include playing with their toys, robust yard breaks, refreshing walks, feeding, cuddles and brushing if desired.

Our discounted Midday Potty Break service is a 15 minute visit, where your pup can receive their lunch and a robust potty/play break in the yard, or a short walk.

15 minute potty break (weekdays 10-3) - $15

20 minutes  - $18

30 minutes - $22

45 minutes - $26

60 minutes - $30

Cat Sitting


Cat sitting visits include essential care like fresh water, feeding, daily litter box cleaning, play time, purr time, laser light, loving, brushing and anything else they desire for comfort while you are away and lots of cuddles for your fur friend!  

Our Vacation care visits vary from 20 - 60 minute visits of your choice. Cats typically receive 1-2 visits per day. Cat visits are scheduled in the morning or evenings, never more than 24 hours apart. For liability reasons we can not schedule reclusive cats more than 48hours apart. We prefer more time with them as we are very great at calming the most anxious and shy kitties out of hiding and into our comfort.

20 minutes - $16

30 minutes - $22

45 minutes - $26

60 minutes - $30

Small Critter Care


Small Critter Care - $16

Quality care for your fish, bird, chickens, snake, gerbil or other small critters. Includes feeding, watering, cleaning of enclosures.

20 minutes - $16

30 minutes - $22

45 minutes - $26

60 minutes - $30

Additional pet fees may apply, call for details.

Jolly Paws is happy to be your pet sitter, dog walker, cat sitter in the Antioch, Cane Ridge, Brentwood, Nashville , TN and surrounding areas!

More Services

Overnight Pet Sitting for Dogs


Overnight care starts at dinnertime, between 6pm-8pm and lasts through Breakfast 6am - 8am. Overnights are a minimum of 12 hours long. Your pup can enjoy an evening walk or yard play, followed by dinner. There is a lot of playtime, a shorter outing and snuggles before tucking in. Your pup loves waking up to their friendly sitter ready to serve breakfast and enjoy another walk or yard break before departing. You receive pupdates throughout the visit.  

Overnight Pet Sitting for Cats


A minimum of 12 personable hours. Mimicking your routine, so your cat will never feel like they are alone while you are gone.  This visit includes fresh water, feeding, daily litter box cleaning, toys, brushing and lots of cuddles to keep kitty comfortable while you are away.  

Pet Taxi


Call for more information and to discuss route needed. Taxi services start at $25 per round trip.